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"I like your directly inspired segments..., they truly are very educational. For me, they are explaining easily the basis of fear and separation from The Creator/God, unworthiness and the origins of all the Fear that has engulfed humanity for centuries. It is a lovely map of the human journey in the Creator's Universe. Thank you."

Nomonono Isaacs

Dr. Leslie Wells

is a way-shower whose passion and purpose are to assist others in accessing their own heaven on earth. Facilitating consciousness awakenings through a variety of holistic neuroscience-based modalities, she inspires, educates, and offers a new experience of reality to an international following. 
Dr. Leslie is a Doctor of Chiropractic, an International Speaker, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Holistic Energy Healing Facilitator, Intuitive Life Coach, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, and Founder of the E.V.E Consciousness movement, which was born from information about the human consciousness journey that was downloaded to her in the perfect timing off 2012. Her books, seminars, broadcasts and training programs empower everyday people to access their inborn abilities to align with their heart’s desires and become intentional thought-form creators. 

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